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App Introduction

ConnectiXX is a fun puzzle game with doodle graphics in which the objective is to connect the points. The numbers inside the balls are the lines that need to be connected and your goal is to make them all turn 0 and disappear. How to play? Create connections between the balls by dragging your finger from one to another and tapping in order to break a connection.

You should try to solve each level in the fewest possible time and you can restart every time you want, making sure the lines don't cross. A true original game which makes you think and sometimes even get frustrated when you can't seem to solve the puzzle as quick as you thought.

Solve the 200 puzzles and show it to your friends to see who can solve them faster. Matthias Lange is the developer of this amazing free game of connections, the perfect time passer which also has you thinking for some time and trying to figure out the best way to make all balls get to 0.

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