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App Introduction

This is a simple app that lets you check your giffgaff balance as well as letting you top-up and keep in contact with the giffgaff community via a webview.



This app is free! THIS APP CONTAINS NO ADS.


-INTERNET : Needed to retrieve account information as well as linking to the community and accessing twitter feeds. https used where necessary.

-CALL_PHONE : APP needs permission to make phone calls as it needs to dial USSD codes to turn voicemail on or off etc. THIS IS ALL IT IS USED FOR.

-WRITE_APN_SETTINGS : App has now got the function to add the giffgaff APN! Coded with the help of Matt Bryson (developer of the great app giffgaff by Skinkers).

Change log: 
- Bug fixes.
- Top-up page errors fixed.

- Updated to fix My Account bug.
- My Account is now Dashboard.
- View payback, community stats, agent messages and notifications in Dashboard.
- Updated UI courtesy of giffgaff :), enjoy.

UPDATE to this version to obtain all the new features
- Bug fixes in community section. Rendering was too fast for gg to handle.
- Activate a new SIM from within the app.

- All new navigation buttons.
- Ultra fast navigation and multi-tasking between account, top-up and the community sections. Top-up while surfing the community.
- Contact an agent from within the application.
- Copy URL function added as requested from customer.
- Updated and fixed accessibility issues.

- Added ordering sim popup on first time install.
- Cleaned up a lot of code and cut down app size.

- Support for tablets. - Finally managed to figure out how to do this.
- Change back to mobile view from within app, menu --> more.

- Removed splash - annoyingly slow.
- Landscape capabilities added - for the first time!
- Fixed views for tablets and other devices - no more right scrolling in "my account" page.
- Many more bug fixes.

All devices:
- New high res icon (courtesy of James Robbins - THANKS)
- Order a free sim from within the app (and get £5 free credit*)!
- Splash screen shown as web items load.
- Faster web rendering speeds - DEPENDS ON DEVICE!

Android 4.x+ only:
- New Holo theme to go with ICS and Jelly Bean.
- New loading bar and main menu.

*with a £10 minimum topup on the new sim

- Fixed "page not found" errors
- Other minor bug fixes

- Corrected Spelling error. Thanks Simon.

- Fixed APN error on devices with Android <4.0. Sorry, I used api version 4 and not android version 4.0 (which is api version 15).

- Fixed APN bug which caused the app to crash for some users.

- Includes widgets!! Check goodybag balance, remaining texts and remaining call time.

- Now includes network checker to check the status of the network in your area! menu > preferences.
- Search function added in the main menu.
- Exit function works without a prompt.
- Even faster rendering speed.
- Fixed layout bug for small screen devices.

- App has new icon (due to popular demand)!
- New about page with easy access to rate app.
- Bug fixes.

**Please note that any error you receive while topping up, trying to connect to my account or the community is a problem with the giffgaff servers and has nothing to do with the functions of the app. The app can only work well if the giffgaff servers are also working well.**

*Have a suggestion? Why not email me or leave a comment below.*

This application is in no way affiliated with giffgaff. The giffgaff logo, website, and all web contents is copyright of giffgaff. All rights reserved.

This app is created by Qasim Musa. If you have any questions regarding the functions of this app, send an email toquetonix@LIVE.CO.UK

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